Pain the Catalyst for Change

A few words of hope for those I know who are struggling You can always find some magic Even in the darkest hours There’s always a little hope The sun, the moon, the flowers Life is a constant journey But there’s happiness again after pain A smile will replace your tears The sun will shineContinue reading “Pain the Catalyst for Change”

The Magic Of Music

I was reminded today of the magic of music. Its ability to transport you to a memory, its capability of making you happy or sad and its potential to make you forget everything around you, sometimes even where you are. Check anyone’s playlist and I’ll guarantee there’s a playlist for workouts, for relaxing, for motivating,Continue reading “The Magic Of Music”

Feeling and Dealing

We live in a world where we seem to always be busy. Working, socialising, sport, playing on our phones, watching Netflix, shopping, exercising or whatever else keeps us from actually “feeling and dealing”. Now our current new life in hibernation has really changed things. Many of the usual things we would do to occupy ourselvesContinue reading “Feeling and Dealing”

Thailand- Let’s go..Part 2

Arriving at our 2nd destination the Movenpick Hotel in Phuket was exciting. Firstly it was very fancy, with a Middle Eastern theme about it I thought, but also I could see the number of massage places just outside, so that pleased me no end. Walking into our rooms we were both incredibly impressed with theContinue reading “Thailand- Let’s go..Part 2”

Thailand? Let’s Go! Part 1…

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to both Bali (where I have been many times) and Thailand where I had not been before. The Thailand trip was for Christmas and New Year, with my mate, whom I had never travelled with before. We had five days booked in a beach resort and theContinue reading “Thailand? Let’s Go! Part 1…”

Self-care in hibernation

What interesting times we are currently living in! As someone who lives alone and often works from home, I really didn’t think I would be overly bothered with this hibernation business, but I like to be the decision maker of my life and not be told to stay home! The good thing is I haveContinue reading “Self-care in hibernation”