Thailand- Let’s go..Part 2

Arriving at our 2nd destination the Movenpick Hotel in Phuket was exciting. Firstly it was very fancy, with a Middle Eastern theme about it I thought, but also I could see the number of massage places just outside, so that pleased me no end. Walking into our rooms we were both incredibly impressed with theContinue reading “Thailand- Let’s go..Part 2”

Thailand? Let’s Go! Part 1…

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to both Bali (where I have been many times) and Thailand where I had not been before. The Thailand trip was for Christmas and New Year, with my mate, whom I had never travelled with before. We had five days booked in a beach resort and theContinue reading “Thailand? Let’s Go! Part 1…”

Self-care in hibernation

What interesting times we are currently living in! As someone who lives alone and often works from home, I really didn’t think I would be overly bothered with this hibernation business, but I like to be the decision maker of my life and not be told to stay home! The good thing is I haveContinue reading “Self-care in hibernation”

Mid-Life Crisis or Journey of Self Discovery?

We have all heard the term “mid-life crisis” and many of us conjure up thoughts of a balding man, driving around in a red convertible, with or without his 22 year old secretary! For some this is close to reality but for many others, is it a mid-life crisis or is it the need andContinue reading “Mid-Life Crisis or Journey of Self Discovery?”