When Your Soulmate is Not Your Only Soulmate

“Maybe we all have a lot of soulmates, each for a different time in our lives. Maybe every person we ever love is a soulmate in some sense, and that’s why they mean so much to us, that’s why they’re so hard to forget. People change and fall out of love, but that doesn’t meanContinue reading “When Your Soulmate is Not Your Only Soulmate”

Mother’s Day Without Her

It’s a very different Mother’s Day this year. I’ve had this sort of anxiety the past few days. Nothing big or significant. Nothing I can specifically pinpoint. Just this little simmering underneath the surface. It’s in my physical body. If I could give it a shape and colour, I would say a golfball shape inContinue reading “Mother’s Day Without Her”

My List of Giving Yourself the Best Shot at Ageing Well

“I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like my energy. I have wisdom. I have perspective. And I can tell you that ageing can be so incredible”- Suzanne Somers I went for my annual skin check recently. It’s one of the proactive things I do to look after myself.Continue reading “My List of Giving Yourself the Best Shot at Ageing Well”

My A-Z of Love, Life and Happiness

Ever feel like you’re just there, existing? Existing in your relationship. Existing in your job. Existing in life. Not truly living. Like you’re not unhappy per se, but you’re not exactly bubbling away with joy and passion. You’re just there. In that place. Your heart is beating and you’re breathing in and out, but somethingContinue reading “My A-Z of Love, Life and Happiness”

52 Tidbits to Embrace in Your 50’s

When I was in my 30s and 40s, there was a lot of fear around ageing. So many times, I would hear the negative connotations about getting older. Decline of physical health. Decline of the ability to be spontaneous and adventurous. Decline of your looks. Decline of attractiveness. Decline of being seen and valued. ItContinue reading “52 Tidbits to Embrace in Your 50’s”

Flaunting My Fifties- 24 things that Time has Taught Me

Time flies by. We get older. We watch those in our lives get older. People come in and out of our lives. We have a front row seat to the miracle of new life as we, family and friends have children. We watch them grow up. We feel immense joy. We lose loved ones. WeContinue reading “Flaunting My Fifties- 24 things that Time has Taught Me”

2022 I’m Still Standing with Guts, Grace, Gratitude and Love

My first article of 2022 was titled “Walking into 2022 with Guts, Grace and Gratitude“. It was an article of empowerment and hope for the New Year. I had gone through so much pain, change, big emotions and growth in the preceding few years, I had developed a courage and resilience, that had me readyContinue reading “2022 I’m Still Standing with Guts, Grace, Gratitude and Love”

An Undeniable Love Story-The Truth of Love

So much has been written about love. There are books, movies, poems, quotes. There’s a whole industry focussed on selling love. Selling the fairytale. Selling opinions. Selling conditioned beliefs. Selling whatever people will buy. Whatever people will watch. Read. Listen to. Selling love like it’s some kind of commodity, and something people can search forContinue reading “An Undeniable Love Story-The Truth of Love”

Finding Me: 14 Unparalleled Lessons I Learned from Being Alone

It was a hot January day, the kind of balmy summer days we wake up to in Australia. It started out like another ordinary day. Get up. Get ready. Go to work. But it wasn’t to be just an ordinary day, as this hot January day was the first day in 35 years that I wasContinue reading “Finding Me: 14 Unparalleled Lessons I Learned from Being Alone”