Time Will Not Heal You- But This Can

“Time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us to live with the pain”– Itachi Uchiha Many of us have the belief that time will heal all wounds. That if we just wait patiently, over time we will magically heal. Our grief. Our losses. Our trauma. Our heartbreak. Time can lessen our pain but it mostContinue reading “Time Will Not Heal You- But This Can”

Flaunting My Fifties- 24 things that Time has Taught Me

Time flies by. We get older. We watch those in our lives get older. People come in and out of our lives. We have a front row seat to the miracle of new life as we, family and friends have children. We watch them grow up. We feel immense joy. We lose loved ones. WeContinue reading “Flaunting My Fifties- 24 things that Time has Taught Me”

Inner You Life- A New Beginning

Did you know 90-95% of the time, our life is controlled by the beliefs and habits locked away in our subconscious minds? This could be unhealthy beliefs we formed as a child. Trauma we are hanging onto (remembering not all trauma is obvious). Or it can be unprocessed grief. Locked away or compartmentalised, nevertheless effectingContinue reading “Inner You Life- A New Beginning”

Living Life = Seeing Your Truth

Sometimes time can move so swiftly and you wake up each day to new changes. Big changes. Life altering changes. Sometimes they are beautiful. Sometimes shocking. Sometimes terrifying. And sometimes they are so significant, so profound, that you know your life will never be the same. My past 5 years have been like this. SomeContinue reading “Living Life = Seeing Your Truth”

A Manifesto for a Happy Life

“A good life is a collection of happy moments.” ~ Denis Waitley Happiness, we all want it. We all want to feel it. We seek it out, searching for it. Looking to others in the hope they will give it to us. We believe if we are not happy, we are doing something wrong, orContinue reading “A Manifesto for a Happy Life”

Why We Should Stop Chasing Love- and 12 Questions to ask ourselves

“Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.” ~ D.H. Lawrence I’ve always had the belief that love happens when we least expect it—when we are ready or when we have lessonsContinue reading “Why We Should Stop Chasing Love- and 12 Questions to ask ourselves”

2022 I’m Still Standing with Guts, Grace, Gratitude and Love

My first article of 2022 was titled “Walking into 2022 with Guts, Grace and Gratitude“. It was an article of empowerment and hope for the New Year. I had gone through so much pain, change, big emotions and growth in the preceding few years, I had developed a courage and resilience, that had me readyContinue reading “2022 I’m Still Standing with Guts, Grace, Gratitude and Love”

The Scourge of Social Media-When did it become so f*cked up

“The good thing about social media is it gives everything a voice. The bad thing about social media is it gives everything a voice”- Brian Solis I have a confession to make, social media drew me in, hook, line and sinker. I was like a moth to a flame scrolling mindlessly. Undoubtedly one of millions,Continue reading “The Scourge of Social Media-When did it become so f*cked up”

Chemistry, Love and Connection- My Interpretation

” It’s like this, one day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else”- Lang Leav I’ve seen a recent increase in social media “influencers” and “coaches”, sprouting their version of love. Chemistry. Relationships. Dating. Masculine and feminine energy. And the list goes on. ButContinue reading “Chemistry, Love and Connection- My Interpretation”

An Undeniable Love Story-The Truth of Love

So much has been written about love. There are books, movies, poems, quotes. There’s a whole industry focussed on selling love. Selling the fairytale. Selling opinions. Selling conditioned beliefs. Selling whatever people will buy. Whatever people will watch. Read. Listen to. Selling love like it’s some kind of commodity, and something people can search forContinue reading “An Undeniable Love Story-The Truth of Love”