Me and My Shadow

I’ve spoken a lot about my journey of self healing and self love. My growth, change or transformation, whatever term is given, it all started with shadow work. Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who believed we all carry a shadow, that part of ourselves we don’t often identify with, that part of ourselves thatContinue reading “Me and My Shadow”

She Woke Up Different

I have written a lot about my journey of self-discovery, transformation or awakening, whatever term is used it’s really all the same thing. My core and soul are still the same, I still love how I love, I still care how I care and I still give how I give. So what is different? TheContinue reading “She Woke Up Different”

Eyes are the Windows to our Soul

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and through the eyes, those of us perceptive enough will always see the truth. Some can look into another’s eyes and get an insight into their inner world, their feelings and maybe even their thoughts. Eye contact is important in communication and eye contact canContinue reading “Eyes are the Windows to our Soul”