I Am Enough

A piece I wrote last year for Elephant Journal. In a judgemental and conditioned society-we need to always remember we are enough. The only person that keeps you chained to a fence of self-doubt is yourself.

Joyously happy or despairingly sad—I am enough

Bouncing with energy or listlessly fatigued—I am enough

Ramblingly talkative or unusually quiet—I am enough

Wickedly funny or studiously serious—I am enough

Worldly and wise or childlike in essence—I am enough

Intoxicatingly interesting or mindlessly boring—I am enough

Lovingly affectionate or coolly aloof—I am enough

Unequivocally uncomplicated or enigmatically mysterious—I am enough

Bloomingly open or shyly reserved—I am enough

Radiantly confident or timidly unsure—I am enough

Alluringly sexy or unnoticeably plain—I am enough

Razor-sharp intellectual or blissfully uninformed—I am enough

Perfectly smooth skin or dimpled and wrinkled—I am enough

Unstoppably fearless or beautifully vulnerableI am enough

Soul of the party or observant wallflower—I am enough

Creative genius or routinely unoriginal—I am enough

Easy to read or a puzzling paradox—I am enough

Intently focused or distractedly preoccupied—I am enough

Physically stunning or stunningly physical—I am enough

Wistfully young or gracefully aged—I am enough

Externally glowing or glow from within—I am enough

Cocooned caterpillar or Goddess butterfly—I am enough

Hard to remember or hard to forget—I am enough

I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough.

Published by Michelle

After a long marriage, 2 children (now grown), a separation and embarking on a brand new life, I have realised life is always a journey. I have made mistakes, I have hurt and been hurt, I have loved and I have lost and at times I completely lost myself and forgot the Queen that I am. As women we are the nurturer, the caregiver but sometimes we underestimate the Goddess within us and my journey has made me realise that when our crown is crooked, we need to adjust it ourselves and remember the Queens that we are! This will be a blog about what I have learnt, what I am continuing to learn and how we can help each other. I will talk about all things love and life and at times this will be controversial but life and love is never black and white but varying shades of grey. We live in a judgemental society and so many of us live our lives according to the expectations of others, rather than doing or being what truly makes us happy. I hope you join me on my journey and on my quest to find that Inner Goddess and we can learn from each other and we can discuss the judgements and societal expectations that hold so many of us back. It's time to seek our inner happiness!!

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