She Isn’t Afraid

She isn’t afraid to be different. Wearing her individuality like a mystical unicorn in all its uniquely, weird and often times crazy glory.

She isn’t afraid to swim naked in the moonlight. Liberated and free. Enamored by the beauty of a woman’s body.

She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. Tease herself or mock herself. Sometimes life is not meant to be taken so seriously.

She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. To be open and trusting to those worthy of these gifts.

She isn’t afraid to stand in her power. A gentle strength and resilience. A whole woman with passion and purpose, intently pursuing her goals.

She isn’t afraid to be kind, caring and generous. Even to those that don’t reciprocate these traits. She understands everyone is on their own path.

She isn’t afraid to love hard. Past heartbreaks taught valuable lessons but her heart is a blossoming flower filled with such an amazing love.

She isn’t afraid to love herself. To have faith and belief in herself. To show the world her gifts.

She isn’t afraid of her energy. She knows energy is powerful and her essence is special. She trusts energy and knows like energy attracts like energy.

She isn’t afraid to walk away. She will not stay in situations that no longer serve her. She knows what she brings to the table and she is happy to eat alone.

She isn’t afraid to speak her truth to others and to herself. She expects honesty in return. Hidden truths are no different to a lie. Authenticity requires transparency.

She isn’t afraid to remember. To remember all the amazing moments and all the devastatingly painful one’s. To sit with those moments for a bit and let whatever emotion wash over her.

She isn’t afraid to trust her intuition. To silence herself and listen to what it’s trying to tell her. For she has learnt her intuition is her strongest super power.

She isn’t afraid to embrace her feminine sexuality and make her desires known in a relationship. She is sexually confident and enjoys intimacy in all its forms.

She isn’t afraid to tell you to f*ck off if you cross her boundaries. She will forgive and move on but you will know your behaviour was unacceptable.

She isn’t afraid to distance herself. To retract her energy from anyone or anything that is hurting her soul.

She isn’t afraid to make sacrifices for herself and those she cares about. Sometimes she sacrifices too much but that in itself is just another lesson to learn.

She isn’t afraid to be independent. To not need anything or anyone. To be her own f*cking hero.

She isn’t afraid to admit when she feels broken. Lost. In pain. There will be no facade. No masks. Just the rawness and messiness of a woman who is hurting.

She isn’t afraid to admit when she’s wrong. To own up to her sh*t. When she’s made a mistake. Unafraid to fall on her sword, tell the truth and apologise with absolute sincerity.

She isn’t afraid to f*ck up. To fail. To learn and grow. To fall down three times and get up four times.

She isn’t afraid to stand in front of you. A smile on her face. Tears rolling down her cheeks. Filled with joy. Filled with sorrow. Unafraid to show you exactly what she is feeling.

She isn’t afraid to be exactly who she is. Unapologetically herself. Sometimes a Goddess. Sometimes a clusterf*ck of mess. A woman in all her chaotic wonder.

She isn’t afraid to be afraid. To feel scared. Uncertain. For she knows in these defining moments she can use the fear to propel her forward.

She isn’t afraid to write. To write what she feels. To write what she believes. To write from the heart. To share a little piece of her soul.

She isn’t afraid to surrender. To trust in the universe and know that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. To understand that whatever is meant for her will come to her.

She isn’t afraid that someday her writing, her story, will be someone else’s survival guide.

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone unafraid to be herself”.

Published by Michelle

After a long marriage, 2 children (now grown), a separation and embarking on a brand new life, I have realised life is always a journey. I have made mistakes, I have hurt and been hurt, I have loved and I have lost and at times I completely lost myself and forgot the Queen that I am. As women we are the nurturer, the caregiver but sometimes we underestimate the Goddess within us and my journey has made me realise that when our crown is crooked, we need to adjust it ourselves and remember the Queens that we are! This will be a blog about what I have learnt, what I am continuing to learn and how we can help each other. I will talk about all things love and life and at times this will be controversial but life and love is never black and white but varying shades of grey. We live in a judgemental society and so many of us live our lives according to the expectations of others, rather than doing or being what truly makes us happy. I hope you join me on my journey and on my quest to find that Inner Goddess and we can learn from each other and we can discuss the judgements and societal expectations that hold so many of us back. It's time to seek our inner happiness!!

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